The Projectionist

750 words, 3 minutes. The reason I don’t post on Cyber Security current affairs? It’s a scramble to be first. If I’m to write something, what should it be? What’s my angle? Which lens do I use on the microscope, or since this is a mass medium, the projector? What film can I show you that you haven’t already seen a dozen times? I’ll attempt to answer these questions here, and in so doing introduce what may become a new thread of posts. »

Work In Progress

650 words, 2 1/2 minutes. A Metapost This is a post about posting. Expect changes, deletions, corrections and improvements. From my first post in July 2017: I expect much of the content here to be around the subject of what we now call Cyber Security, since this is a field I began researching around 1990 and have worked professionally within for years in both an offensive and defensive capacity. Cyber Security (or just security as we used to call it) now intersects with several of my other interests including geopolitics, propaganda, public policy, and privacy. »

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About me

900 words, 3 minutes. 20+ years as CTO, Founder, Investor, Product Manager, Consultant, Engineer & advisor to corporations, law enforcement, government, & NGOs. Cyber Security Éminence Grise. Still a work in progress. This is how I got here: From Internet Start-Up To Global Telecommunications Giant In 5 Years I started researching computer and network security in the early 1990s and began my professional career in 1995 with one of the UK’s first Internet Service Providers. »

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1200 words, 4 1/2 minutes. Welcome to the first post of my blog. Here I explain the why, what, and how of everything else you will see on this site. If you want to know more about the who, then read this. Most of my professional life involves winning systems or processes I’ve already established, monitoring progress or performance against targets, solving recognised problems. Here is where I introduce a few new ideas in a less formal environment, and explore them with you in an atmosphere of constructive discussion so that we might test them and learn something. »


220 words, 1 minute. Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) Unless described otherwise, the contents of this site are provided under the terms of the Creative Commons CC BY-SA license. I am the sole author of the text of the articles appearing on this site. Where direct quotations are used they are attributed to their originator. Where images are used they are: Original Work. Typically diagrams or sketches. »

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