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This is a post about posting. Expect changes, deletions, corrections and improvements.

From my first post in July 2017:

I expect much of the content here to be around the subject of what we now call Cyber Security, since this is a field I began researching around 1990 and have worked professionally within for years in both an offensive and defensive capacity. Cyber Security (or just security as we used to call it) now intersects with several of my other interests including geopolitics, propaganda, public policy, and privacy. That’s why I fund a geopolitical think-tank of the Political Realism school.

Where notes lead to ideas, and ideas to projects, I like to turn those projects into companies, make some sales, and solve some problems for paying customers. You can read a little more about a couple of those companies here.

I’m 28 down, 35 to go. Not all will make the cut. My most popular received 32,000 unique hits and more than 100 comments. A few of those commenting even appeared to have actually read the article.

As each post is made it will be removed from this list.

Updated April 17th 2019.

Cyber Security
Title Precis
The Biggest Problem In Cyber Security pt.II Aesthetics in Cyber Security, post 2/2
Avoiding The Infosec Extinction pt.III Sustainable, continuous growth of the security market
Build The CSO Up, Don’t Help Him Out pt.II Elevating the CSO, post 2/2
Applications Of Paradoxes In Information Security Live experiment/cyber range
Sizing The Infosec Market, An Empiricists Approach A novel lens on the product & services market
Infosec Philosophy Staying sane during our forever-war
Attack Surface Reduction Winning systems for Infosec practitioners
Reporting By Exception Winning systems for Infosec practitioners
Accumulate To Investigate Winning systems for Infosec practitioners
Divert, Deceive, Diffuse Winning systems for Infosec practitioners
Trust, But Verify Winning systems for Infosec practitioners
Infosec in the Serverless Age Reimagining Infosec for the next decade
A Nomenclature For Security Products A maturity-based categorisation system
Grand Strategy For The CSO Putting it all together
Bug Bounty & Software Quality Discussion & experiment
Dynamic Compilation To Reduce Attack Surface A development of the Attack Surface Reduction
Evaluating Security Products In The 21st Century Selection criteria for the next decade
Information Security, Logical Fallacies Infographic & live page
Documenting Breaches with H Diagrams Getting the baloney out of breach reporting
Title Precis
No Prosperity Without Security A realists case for bulk surveillance
Don’t Be Naive When “don’t be evil” doesn’t quite cut it anymore
The Application Of AI to Grand Strategy Simulation Policy development, measurement, and predictive tools
Cyber Conflict & Strategic Ambiguity Parallels & divergence in nuclear and Cyber conflict
Why Propaganda Is Interesting The 4 lessons propaganda offers us
Product Management
Title Precis
VMCo Retrospective How we built a poor-man’s Nutanix and what it taught me
Ignoring Chaos & Remaining Effective Operating more efficiently by use of selective “deafness”
Why Wont You Die? Killing the telco business once and for all
Monetizing Open Source Software The psychology of getting customers to pay for free
Title Precis
The Failure Of Organisational Memory The Paradox of a knowledge economy with crippling amnesia
Productivity At Work Don’t bring your whole self to work
Increasing Productivity By Documentation Automation Unleashing productivity in a knowledge economy
GDP & Confidence in the post-scarcity economy
Computer Science
Title Precis
The Laws Of Physics & Systems Performance Mental models for solving performance problems in computing
Public Confidence & Machine Learning A qualitative solution to public concerns about ML
Goodnight sweet PRINCE Retiring current project management for something better
Title Precis
In Defence Of Elitism Why elitism is essential and good
The Edge Of Now, Our Transient Reality The ephemeral web & the danger it presents
Ideological Subversion
Title Precis
Ideas Aren’t Bullet Proof Beating terrorism first in the mind

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